Dave Mustaine mit endzeitlichen Aussichten für Amerika

Dave Mustaine mit endzeitlichen Aussichten für Amerika

kann es einfach nicht lassen: In einem Interview mit Atlantic City Weekly äußerte sich der Megadeth-Bandchef und Hobby-Nörgler wieder einmal zur aktuellen Lage Amerikas.

Dieses Mal wird die Besteuerung in Frage gestellt und ein allgemeines Band-Sterben sowie die Zerstörung der Grundfesten Amerikas vorhergesagt… Achja, der Maya-Kalender darf bei den apokalyptischen Visionen Mustaines natürlich auch nicht fehlen. Das komplette Interview könnt ihr euch auf Atlantic City Weekly zu Gemüte führen (HeavyMetall).

Einen Auszug aus dem Interview gibt es hier zu lesen:

Atlantic City Weekly: You said from the stage that if Barack Obama were re-elected, you would leave for Canada. Have you started packing yet?

Mustaine: A lot of that was stage fodder. You’re talking about the Singapore incident. I was just there marveling how beautiful Singapore is and I started thinking about how our nation is changing and I don’t know if we can handle all of the taxation. I know years ago that in England the taxes got so out of control that people left and I can see it happening here. There could be a mass exodus here. There are quite a few musicians who are blessed enough to be making $250,000 or more a year and they will be taxed. I think what will happen is that bands will be dying left and right. What’s happening now is that everything America has been built on will be destroyed.

Atlantic City Weekly: What do you think will happen in the future??

Mustaine: The way things are going after this election is that I think a lot of people are going to be hoping the Mayan Calendar — [saying the world ends December 21, 2012] — is correct. I think life will continue on. We’re a strong nation, no matter who is in the White House. God is in my White House. I’m a Christian and I make a lot of mistakes, but I try to keep my head up and do the right thing. It’s crazy out there. I’m a dad. Oddly enough, my son just got a notice from the Selective Service and he has to register. No one else from his school mentioned they got a notice. My daughter said that she thinks they’re targeting [my son] Justice because of me. I said, „No, they are not!“ But I was thinking, „What’s going on?“ But having two kids, I try to do my best.



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