Interview mit Shinedown

Brent Smith

01 Amaryllis is the name of your new Album. Would you tell us where and by who it was produced?
It was produced by…really really well together.

02 Where was it produced?
We did it in California…we were in California.

03 Was it difficult to do? Was it easy?
It was life changing…and going forward

04 Who does the songwriting work in the band?
On this record we were able…which was fantastic

05 A lot of Artists tell us that writing songs is hard work…
Some days you wake up…I don´t know if I would call it like hard work

06 And can you tell us which songs are generally better? The ones that come as a gift to you or the ones which take longer to write?
I think they each have their…pretty effortlessly

07 So, writing a Song for a movie for example is something else?
We´re actually very fortunate…so it is a little different.

08 Back to your new album. Which songs come easier? The fast rock songs or the power ballads?
The mid tempo to slower ballads… do on this record and executing it

09 You mentioned this cinematic thing. You seem to like it, that if people listen to your music, they see images?
I don´t want there to be a filter…the best movies in the world have fantastic soundtracks

10 You sometimes describe your music with the words SUPER ROCK. What does it mean?
Super Rock is just…Super Rock was a cool way of saying what we do

11 Bully is the first single from your new Album. A fast rock song. Why did you choose bully? Your last big success in Germany was the much slower song „Second Chance“.
Bully is a song that… And we. We wanted to release it first.

12 Can the song be a lesson for your son later?
Yeah, because it´s funny…And I wouldn´t want my son to back down from that either.

13 Bully is the first single. Could slower songs like Unity or Amaryllis also become singles?
Absolutely. Yeah, we´re figuring that out…Hopefully we can release all of them (lacht)

14 The new album is a very good mixture between punchy and fast rock songs and melodic power ballads with strings or big orchestra and Piano. Do you wanted lots of different ups and downs on the Album? A dynamic Album?
Yeah. I feel like our record…and it allows the listener to go on a journey

15 There are contrasts on the album. For example: After the very beautiful and warm song UNITY comes the angry ENEMIES.
It´s the dynamic of the album…each song comes after the other one for a reason

16 Some of the slower songs were recorded with a real orchestra consisting of 30 musicians. Who came up with that idea?
Rob Cavallo, myself, we did it on…it basically came from us three.

17 Was the band in the studio during the orchestra recordings?
Yeah. Totally…and they play it a lot more seriously

18 Sounds a like a respect from a rock musician to classical musicians…
Very much a respect. Because…So, yeah, it´s very much a respect.

19 The Song UNITY is a Thank You to your fans. Was that a spontaneous idea?
I think that everyone knows that…helping us, and supporting us and keeping us strong.

20 So, it seems that you feel you have the perfect job?
I´m a lucky lucky man. I mean…As close to perfect as it can get.

21 Do you watch videos on youtube of people covering your songs and filming themselves?
Yeah, I´ve seen youtube-clips of…it´s awesome.

22 The band had its 10th birthday last year. Are you and the other musicians in the band just friends or sometimes also kind of business partners?
I think that we are partners…We would never want to jeopardize that.

23 The breakthrough for you in Europe was your last album. Was there a special moment, where you have understood: „Now we´ve reached it“?
I understand what you´re asking me…as we possibly can achieve, you know, worldwide

24 But is there sometimes a 10 minute time window to celebrate an accomplished goal?
Yeah yeah, you know. I mean, Our…we work very very hard.

25 The Album Amaryllis will come out in March. Are you nervous or very relaxed and just waiting on what will happen?
I´m very, I´m ready. Let´s put it that way…We´re ready for anything.

26 You are on tour right now. In Summer you will play some festivals. Which ones?
I know we´re doing, what got confirmed…and then Download in the UK.

27 And will you come back for a tour in fall?
I believe so. I´ve already told everyone…We wanted to come here first.



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